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"Exploring Tea Through Shared Experiences"

This is the guiding principle that culminates the values of The Empty Tea Cup.
Talk with a tea lover about their fondest memories of having tea and half of the story will be about the tea, the other half about the people they shared it with. Experiences like these are what spark life long relationships with a beverage. They fuel countless efforts to propagate leaf and knowledge. All to the same end, to share a cup of tea.

"Why Tea?" It's delicious! 

Tea, defined simply as steeping the plant Camellia-Sinensis in water, is a rather straightforward situation. Put leaves in water, wait, enjoy. And yet, throughout a good chunk of human history we've made a sizable fuss over one plant. The minutiae of it all is quite lengthy and best discussed with a cup in hand.

The Empty Tea Cup exists to share these experiences with others and as a way to support the many lives that have been dedicated to fostering tea through the generations. 

Joshua Brock

Since bitten by the leaf hopper (tea bug) in 2015, I have become an avid student of tea. Continually pursuing education in tea flavors, brew theory, agriculture, processing, history and cultures.

After participating in several aspects of the tea industry, I've reached the conclusion that the best way for me to support Tea is to share it in its most basic forms. To expose others to the fundamental element of tea that unites all cultures, generations, and ceremonies; sincere hospitality.

Please rest and have some tea.

Teas We Use

We share teas sourced by small businesses from around the globe. By sharing their teas and stories we encourage others to support tea vendors that source responsibly from quality farmers and producers.

Primarily, we focus on serving pure Camellia-Sinensis, or a close relative, with no added ingredients. 

There may be exceptions based on the cultural traditions being explored. Added ingredients such as scents, oils, herbal plants, etc., are kept to a minimum to maintain exposure to the vast variety of flavors developed by craftsmanship.


Tea gatherings are held within a dedicated and secluded space on our private property. This environment has been nurtured from the beginning to share tea and time with others.

We are also available to hold gatherings at parks, outside, or on location by request.


Help Wash Cups

Tea with us is free,
leaf and internet is not.

Gratitude to you.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Tea gatherings are provided at no charge. Payment should not get in the way of sharing tea, knowledge, and good experiences with others.


This virtual bowl is left here for those who would like to support what is done here because it resonates, jibes, grooves, or otherwise agrees with them.

All monetary
 donations go to web fees and to maintain a variety of teas to fill empty cups.

Donations of Camellia-Sinensis are also greatly appreciated.

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