You are invited to tea

Explore Camellia Sinensis' long journey with humanity.

Celebrate the cultures and traditions that bring the leaf to life.

Support those who keep it growing.

"Exploring Tea Through Shared Experiences"

Our purpose is to support the global tea ecosystem by sharing the joy of tea.

Offering in-person tea gatherings to those interested in exploring traditional loose leaf tea, its history and traditions, or simply fancies a cup with friends.


 Tea Gatherings
Planned as a casual get-together or an informative, structured discussion.
Gatherings are held for the enjoyment of all participants. Let's discuss how best to spend our time together with tea as our guide.


With a simple purpose, we're inspired by the leaf's knack to bring people together.

And together we appreciate the efforts of all those involved in getting tea into our cups. 

{tē or tee}

Matter from the Camellia Sinensis plant, often infused with liquid.

Infusions of other plant matter are referred to as herbal or tisane.